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Judy Lawson Trophy

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Win "B" division in ICSA Women's Championships

This trophy, along with the Madeline trophy, was first given in 1974. The Judy Lawson Trophy is given to the low point skipper of the "B" division in the ICSA Women's Dinghy Championship.

2018 Louisa Nordstrom Yale University
2017 Louisa Nordstrom Yale University
2016 Lydia Grasberger Boston University
2015 Johanna Kincaid Brown University
2015 Kelly McGlynn Brown University
2014 Marlena Fauer Yale University
2013 Marlena Fauer Yale University
2012 Morgan Kiss Yale University
2012 Emily Billing Yale University
2011 Kelly Crane Hobart & William Smith Colleges
2010 Emily Dellenbaugh Brown University
2010 Charlotte Lipschitz Brown University
2009 Anne Haeger Boston College
2008 Elizabeth Barry Brown University
2007 Allison Blecher College of Charleston
2006 Taylor Grimes Stanford University
2005 Caroline Young Stanford University
2004 Liz Rountree Stanford University
2003 Ali Sharp St. Mary’s College of Maryland
2002 Emma Lichtenstein Brown University
2001 Jamie Smith St. Mary’s College of Maryland
2000 Jen Provan Tufts University
1999 Jen Provan Tufts University
1998 Leigh Lucas Dartmouth College
1997 Julie Younger U.S. Naval Academy
1996 Caitlin Macallister Tufts University
1995 Elizabeth Graves St. Mary’s College of Maryland
1994 Madeleine Hughes St. Mary’s College of Maryland
1993 Carisa Harris Tufts University
1992 Kristin Doyle Dartmouth College
1991 Perry Reeves St. Mary’s College of Maryland
1990 Carolyn Ulander Connecticut College
1989 Julie Easom Tufts University
1988 Betsy Healey Boston University
1987 Flurry Norman Old Dominion University
1986 Heather Gregg Tufts University
1985 Joann Norman San Diego State University
1984 Heather Gregg Tufts University
1983 J.J. Fetter Yale University
1982 Deborah Dunbar U.S. Naval Academy
1981 Deborah Dunbar U.S. Naval Academy
1980 Mary Brigden U.S. Naval Academy
1979 Kathy Karlson U.S. Naval Academy
1978 Vicki Call University of California, Berkeley
1977 Becky Wood University of Rhode Island
1976 Anne Preston Princeton University
1975 Anne Preston Princeton University
1974 Marie Roehm Radcliffe College
1974 Marilee Allan Princeton University
1973 Shelley Bernstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1972 Janice Stroud Radcliffe College
1971 Maria Bozzuto Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1970 Sue Barneson University of Southern California
1969 Anne Buhr Skidmore College
1968 Jane Chalmers Radcliffe College
1967 Lucy Thomson Wilson College