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Henry A. Morss Memorial Trophy

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ICSA Dinghy National Championship

This regatta must be sailed in two person dinghies not less than 11 feet, nor more than 15 feet. The regatta is run in the two division fleet racing format that has been most commonly used in the ICSA's 75+ year history. The winner is the school with the best combined scores for the two divisions. High point scoring was used through 1968 and low point scoring has been used since that time.

The North American Dinghy Championship Trophy is a memorial to the late Henry A. Morss, Boston Yachtsman and 1907 Bermuda Race Winner, who was an MIT alumnus and benefactor. The Morss Trophy was presented in 1937 by Charles Francis Adams, Nathaniel F. Ayer, Edwin A. Beardman, Charles P. Curtis, Chandler Hovey and Gerald B. Lambert, nationally known yachtsmen.

The early competitions were sailed at MIT on the Charles River, but since 1946 the site has been rotated throughout the member conferences of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association.